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This is a newer category that's exploded for us! With more small businesses turning to online sales, having the right packaging to ship those orders is crucial. Not only does it have to be functional but it also needs to look good too.

The bubble mailers, courier bags, corrugated mailers and boxes will get your products to their destination but what about the inside? Adding patterned or coloured tissue paper, basket shred, custom branded ribbon and custom branded labels can really make an impact to your customers.

And maybe you're someone who just needs to ship the occasional gift to family and friends. No problem, we've got you covered as well! All of our shipping boxes are available in singles too.

Not sure what's best for your shipping needs? Reach out to us any time at, 1-604-575-1117 or in person at the Store and we'll help you out.


Quick View Basket Shred

Basket Shred

$4.47 - $88.00
Basket shred is a must for your gift baskets and gift packs! Not only does it add a pop of color to your basket, it also provides cushioning and support for heavier or breakable items. With a 50% recycle content for most colors, Spring-Fillâ„¢ basket shred...
Quick View Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

$1.50 - $89.00
Corrugated boxes are so much more than just shipping boxes! These sturdy cardboard boxes make great storage boxes and even presentation boxes. Just add some coloured tissue paper and a custom label to make a good impression for your business. Corrugated...
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Quick View Packing Paper

Packing Paper

$69.00 - $99.00
Packing paper is most commonly used for wrapping, packing, and shipping of breakables. It can also be used as a low cost filler in shipping or moving boxes and in the bases of gift baskets. Packing paper is made from recycled material and is 100%...
Quick View Tissue paper colours are available in many vivid colors - they're 100% recyclable, biodegradable, colour fast and won't bleed

Tissue Paper - Colours

$52.00 - $245.00
Tissue paper has so many uses, including as a wrap for breakables, decorative color for gift bags and packing in gift boxes. Tissue paper is also an inexpensive way to add colour to a special event. Our tissue is high quality, resists bleeding or fading...
Quick View Tissue paper, white and natural kraft, are ecofriendly, 100% recyclable and biodegradable while our natural kraft tissue is also made from 100% recycled materials

Tissue Paper - White and Natural Kraft

$32.00 - $145.00
Tissue paper has so many uses, including as a wrap for breakables, decorative topper for gift bags and packing in gift boxes. Recycled Content: White tissue paper is 100% recyclable, reusable and compostable. Natural kraft tissue is 100% recyclable,...
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