Quick View Basket Base - 6" x 6" x 5"

Basket Base - 6" x 6" x 5"

Our Basket Base containers are colourful option for your gift basket masterpieces! Made of corrugated cardboard, they're very sturdy and environmentally friendly. Basket Base boxes can be used for gourmet food gift baskets as well as small gifts. They...
Quick View Cello Basket Bags - Clear

Cello Basket Bags - Clear

$3.95 - $79.95
Basket bags are so easy to use! Simply place your gift box or basket inside the clear basket bag, attach a bow and your gift is ready for giving! But they're not just for baskets; these non-gusseted bags are available in smaller sizes which are perfect...
Quick View Cello bags - dots & stars

Cello bags - dots & stars

$3.95 - $5.95
These cello bags are made of crystal clear polypropylene, with a tiny dot pattern. They're ideally suited for packaging cards, prints, photos, stationary, decorated cookies and other flat items. These bags can be heat sealed to preserve freshness and...
Quick View Cello Cone Bags

Cello Cone Bags

Cello Cone Bags are so easy to use! Simply place your product inside the clear bag, attach a bow or twist tie and it's ready for giving!  They measure 7 1/2" x 17 and come in a pack of 100. Being 17" long, cone bags are easily cut to size if they are too...
Quick View Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon

$6.95 - $39.95
Our grosgrain ribbon is a premium quality ribbon & is available in a variety of colors. This fabric ribbon has a ribbed appearance and is easy to tie. You can use grosgrain ribbon for almost anything: from gift wrapping and baskets, to party and...
Quick View Tissue Paper - Patterns

Tissue Paper - Patterns

$1.00 - $88.00
Tissue paper patterns are a decorative way to dress up your gift packaging! Our high quality patterned tissue paper can also be used as wrapping paper for your special gifts. All patterns are 100% recyclable. Made in the USA or imported Please contact...
Quick View Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

$5.95 - $30.00
Gift wrap is the perfect way to make your gifts shine! Our 24" x 50' gift wrap rolls are made of top quality paper and are a dream to wrap with. We have a variety of patterns that can be used for any event or occasion. Just add some co-ordinating ribbon...
Quick View Basket Shred

Basket Shred

$7.95 - $88.00
Basket shred is a must for your gift baskets and gift packs! Not only does it add a pop of color to your basket, it also provides cushioning and support for heavier or breakable items. With a 50% recycle content for most colors, Spring-Fill™ basket shred...
Quick View Nibble & Enjoy Bakery Boxes - EP Collection

Nibble & Enjoy Bakery Boxes - EP Collection

$1.25 - $70.00
Nibble & Enjoy bakery boxes are an exclusive design created by Essential Packaging! These bakery boxes are recyclable and made from recycled paper board, making them environmentally friendlly. The white bakery boxes are hotstamped with gold foil and...
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Quick View Bakery Boxes - with Window

Bakery Boxes - with Window

$2.50 - $382.00
These bakery boxes with windows are the the perfect way to show off what's inside! There are different sizes perfectly suited for assorted bakery and gourmet food items. Bakery boxes with windows are THE BEST box for your charcuterie masterpieces! You...
Quick View Cello Hard Bottom Bags - Clear

Cello Hard Bottom Bags - Clear

$39.00 - $69.00
Cello hardbottom bags are a must if you’re looking for an elegant and effective way to package food products. Use our crystal clear hardbottom cello bags to package up candies, nuts, popcorn, chocolates and various other gourmet foods. These cello bags...
Quick View Cello Clearophane Bags - Clear

Cello Clearophane Bags - Clear

$6.95 - $14.95
Clearophane bags are an economical way to package a variety of items such as candy, chocolate, popcorn, cookies and other food items. These recyclable gusseted bags expand when filled which makes them ideal for bulky products. Clearophane bags can be...
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