Artwork Requirements

Provide us with camera ready or acceptable electronic/digital artwork and you will save the design artwork costs on personalizing your packaging. 

Guidelines for camera ready art:

- High quality black on white printout (600 dpi minimum)
- Photocopies and faxed images are not acceptable
- Images to be provided minimum 100% final size
- No fine lines, halftone tints or screens
- Do not bend, fold or staple the artwork

Guidelines for electronic or digital artwork:

- Acceptable file formats for electronic/digital artwork include vector files such as .eps, Corel Draw (up to and including version X4) and Adobe Illustrator (up to and including version CS4)
- All fonts used should be converted to curves/outlines or the font files must be included (PC versions only) or additional artwork charges may apply
- Submit a hard copy proof via fax or mail or a PDF with all artwork submissions.
- Bitmap images such as bmp, tiff, gif and jpeg files may be acceptable except for hot stamping projects* and must be at least 300 DPI at 100%
- You will be notified if additional charges will apply to make your artwork press ready

*For Custom Hot Stamping projects vector artwork (Corel or Illustrator) must be supplied or artwork will need to be redrawn and additional charges will apply. 


After we receive your artwork, we will create a layout proof for you to review. The layout proof must be approved (as indicated by your signature) before your order will proceed. We are not responsible for errors after artwork has been approved by the customer. If you require artwork design services, we offer this service at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes with a minimum deposit required. 


100% ready artwork is art that is set up according to our print specs, there are no changes required and the artwork can be directly made into a printing plate. If you supply artwork that is not set-up as per our print specs, artwork charges will apply at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes. Our art department will advise if the art is not ready, or if the art is not at "ideal quality" before going to plate production. If you are unsure, first email a copy to us so we can advise if the image is suitable for print. Email 


When we set-up your art, we supply a faxed/or emailed proof with a scaled down image for you to approve before printing plate production, to ensure all print information, positioning, lines, fonts etc. are correct. Otherwise a artwork charges will apply at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes increments provided these changes are "customer advised changes." 


Artwork charges will apply for any of the following:
- Typesetting or adding text to art supplied.
- Scanning, converting to vector, and re-sizing logos and type for print
- Editing art supplied, ie. erasing or adding text and/or images. Minor clean-up of scans and improving bad art
- Adjusting reverse logos, and/or inverting, and/or rotating, and/or converting colors to black and white logos for print.
- Font searching on web, and clipart image searching.