Custom Printed Bags



Before we can begin creating your custom branded hot stamped BAGS,
we'll need some details about what you'd like.

Below are 6 easy steps to help you decide:





We offer several styles of bags for you to choose from.
Click on the photos below to see what sizes and colours are available. 


custom-printed-bags-2022-step3a.jpg custom-printed-bags-2022-step3b.jpg custom-printed-bags-2022-step3f3.jpg custom-printed-bags-2022-step3d.jpg custom-printed-bags-2022-step3f5.jpg custom-printed-bags-2022-step3e3.jpg





Decide how many bags you're needing.

Pricing is based on quantity - your best price is when you print at least 500 bags.

For example, you need 500 bags custom hot stamped

500 bags × $.40 / print per bag

That means it'll be $.30 to print each bag + the cost of the bag you choose

For those times you may need less than that, we created a flat rate for any quantity under 500 bags.

For example, you need 300 bags custom hot stamped

$150.00 flat rate ÷ 300 bags = $.50 / print per bag

That means it'll be $.50 to print each bag + the cost of the bag you choose





To hot stamp your logo/image you'll need 1 printing plate for each colour.

Plate sizes are determined by the size of your artwork.

Note: If you would like to hot stamp more than one colour, please contact us directly for pricing.











Acceptable file formats are .ai or .eps  All fonts used should be converted to curves/outlines or the font files must be included.













 Once you've decided on all the details above, contact us

by phone at 604-575-1117 or by email

After you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation & an artwork proof that you'll

need to approve BEFORE we start custom printing your order.

Once everything is signed off, your order goes into the production schedule.

(production schedules can vary depending on workload and time of year -

we'll do our best to provide an ESTIMATED delivery time)

If you're unsure of how something will look, please come and see us in person.

We'll show you actual samples and help you decide on the best options.