Plastic/Poly Bags


Plastic/poly bags are here for you when you need durability. Reclosable bags, courier bags, t-shirt bags and diecut bags are strong and get the job done. Their durability also allows them to be reused several times.

Trying to decide which plastic/poly bags are right for your purpose? We can help you an time at info@essentialpackaging.com1-604-575-1117 or in person at the Store.


Quick View Poly Courier Bags

Poly Courier Bags

$0.75 - $369.00
Poly courier bags making shipping soft products simple! Made of puncture resistant material, these bags are ideal for online businesses that are shipping items such as clothing, linens, towels andĀ fabrics. Simply peel off the adhesive strip, fold over...
Quick View Recloseable Bags

Recloseable Bags

$2.00 - $110.00
Recloseable bags are a durable and economical way to package a variety of loose products. These clear polyethylene bags are recyclable. They have a zip top closure and can be heat sealed as well to preserve freshness for any perishable products. All...
Quick View Die-Cut Plastic Bag

Die-Cut Plastic Bag

$12.00 - $240.00
Die-cut plastic bags are an ideal boutique packaging option for jewelery, gift and clothing stores. These quality, heavy weight, poly bags have reinforced die-cut handles that allow you to carry heavier items without worrying about the handles breaking...
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