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Need cello? Well we've got the cello bags and rolls you need! Whether it's small cello bags for candies, hardbottom ones for cookies, big basket bags for gift baskets or jumbo cello rolls, we've got you covered. And those clear peel and stick bags for your handmade cards? Yup, we've got those too.

You can also add some custom branded ribbon or labels to your cello bags and rolls. It's a great way to add your company or organizations logo or message to your packaging.

Trying to decide which cello bags are right for your products or event? We can help you with that any time at info@essentialpackaging.com1-604-575-1117 or in person at the Store.


Quick View Cello Flat Bags - Clear Polypropylene

Cello Flat Bags - Clear Polypropylene

$4.50 - $91.00
Cello flat bags are made of polypropylene so they're crystal clear. They're ideally suited for packaging cards, prints, photos, stationary, cookies and other flat items. These bags can be heat sealed to preserve freshness and shelf life for perishable...
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Quick View Cello Peel & Stick Bags - Clear

Cello Peel & Stick Bags - Clear

$8.95 - $12.95
Peel and stick clear card bags give you that professional look for greeting cards, photos or prints. These ultra clear bags are ideal for displaying, storing or selling stationary products. They have an adhesive strip on the flap allowing the length of...
Quick View Cello Clearophane Bags - Clear

Cello Clearophane Bags - Clear

$6.95 - $14.95
Clearophane bags are an economical way to package a variety of items such as candy, chocolate, popcorn, cookies and other food items. These recyclable gusseted bags expand when filled which makes them ideal for bulky products. Clearophane bags can be...
Quick View Cello Wrap Roll - Clear

Cello Wrap Roll - Clear

Cello wrap rolls are versatile and can be used for wrapping up so many different things, not just gift baskets! Use clear cello to wrap up candles, mugs, bath and body care products, small gifts and gourmet food products. Our 40” width is perfect for...
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Quick View Cello Basket Bags - Clear

Cello Basket Bags - Clear

$0.00 - $79.95
Basket bags are so easy to use! Simply place your gift box or basket inside the clear basket bag, attach a bow and your gift is ready for giving! But they're not just for baskets; these non-gusseted bags are available in smaller sizes which are perfect...
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