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We've put all the gift basket supplies together to make it easier for you to get started! There's everything you need for your gift baskets, from cello basket bags and packing paper, to basket shred and satin ribbon. Our gift basket supplies also include cello bags and coffee bags, which allow you to re-package bulk products into nicer packaging. It's all about the presentation!

And we've even put together some helpful gift basket tutorials on our blog, A Beautifully Wrapped Life. 

Remember to personalize your gift baskets with custom branded ribbon for that professional touch.

 As always, we can help you get the right packaging products. We can be reached at info@essentialpackaging.comcall 1-604-575-1117 or see us in person at the Store.



Quick View Cello Basket Bags - Clear

Cello Basket Bags - Clear

$3.95 - $79.95
Basket bags are so easy to use! Simply place your gift box or basket inside the clear basket bag, attach a bow and your gift is ready for giving! But they're not just for baskets; these non-gusseted bags are available in smaller sizes which are perfect...
Quick View Stainless Steel Scissors - 3 pk

Stainless Steel Scissors - 3 pk

Stainless Steel Scissors - each pair of scissors features high-quality and durable stainless steel blades to ensure precise, smooth, and long-lasting cuts for any task stainless steel 3 pack  soft & convenient handle    
Quick View Packing Paper

Packing Paper

$7.50 - $89.00
Packing paper is most commonly used for wrapping, packing, and shipping of breakables. It can also be used as a low cost filler in shipping or moving boxes and in the bases of gift baskets. Packing paper is made from recycled material and is 100%...
Quick View Wraphia


Wraphia® is a colourful ribbon choice for using on wrapped gifts, gift baskets, paper shopping bags, floral arrangements and even special event decor. Natural looking Wraphia is actually made of synthetic rayon, making it easy to cut and colourfast. It's...
Quick View Tiny Tinsel Non-Stretch Cord

Tiny Tinsel Non-Stretch Cord

Tiny tinsel non-stretch cord is a must-have for tying on gift tags, hanging ornaments, or tying bows. The narrow cord is available in metallic gold or silver. To learn how to tie an easy bow using tinsel cord, visit our blog, A Beautifully Wrapped Life,...
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Quick View Satin Ribbon

Satin Ribbon

$0.00 - $61.50
Our satin ribbon is a premium quality ribbon, available in many fashionable colors. This ribbon has a smooth finish on one side and a matte finish on the other. You can use satin ribbon for almost anything: from gift wrapping and baskets, to party and...
Quick View Double Face Satin Ribbon

Double Face Satin Ribbon

$9.95 - $14.95
Double Face satin ribbon is shiny on both sides, making bow tying a whole lot easier! Use this classic satin ribbon on your gift baskets, wrapped gifts and event favours. The smaller 25 yard rolls are convenient to have on hand for any packaging...
Quick View Curling Ribbon

Curling Ribbon

$4.50 - $13.95
Curling ribbon is an ideal accent on wrapped gifts, gift baskets, paper shopping bags and party decor. Use curling ribbon as balloon strings for helium or air filled balloons. This 3/16" crimped ribbon can be used to make mounds of curls by using a pair...
Quick View Basket Shred

Basket Shred

$7.95 - $88.00
Basket shred is a must for your gift baskets and gift packs! Not only does it add a pop of color to your basket, it also provides cushioning and support for heavier or breakable items. With a 50% recycle content for most colors, Spring-Fill™ basket shred...
Quick View Thank You Ribbon - EP Collection

Thank You Ribbon - EP Collection

$49.95 - $59.95
Thank You ribbon is an exclusive design created by Essential Packaging! You can add this ribbon to your gifts of appreciation, promotional items or corporate gifts. The white, black or scarlet satin ribbons are hotstamped in gold or silver metallic foil...
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