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Tiny Tinsel Non-Stretch Cord - Silver

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Tiny Tinsel Non-Stretch Cord - Silver

Tiny Tinsel Cord is a must-have for tying gift tags onto cellophane bags or gift boxes and essential for hanging ornaments. Tying bows?  Go to our Blog, A Beautifully Wrapped Life, for a quick lesson on how to tie a 'cheater bow' using tinsel cord.

  • Made from 60% metallic and 40% acrylic
  • This listing is for one spool of continuous length ribbon
  • Available in 1/16” width to suit any purpose
  • Colors may not be accurate. If color matching is critical to your needs, please read our Terms and Conditions page
  • This product is made in Taiwan
  • If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact customer service for assistance (1-888-288-2247 or      


 Click on the picture above to visit our blog for inspiring ways to use this product!