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Jewellery Box - Clear Top

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Jewellery Box - Clear Top

Clear top jewelry boxes are a terrific way to show off your gems! These boxes have a clear, see through lid with a white swirl bottom. They also come with non-tarnishing jewelers fiber inside, which is removable. Available in 6 different sizes, there’s a jewelry box to fit anything from charms to necklaces. You can enhance the presentation of your jewelry boxes with ribbon or a custom printed label.

  • Clear top jewelry boxes have a separate lid and removable jewelers fiber inside
  • Boxes are shipped pre-assembled
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Available in 6 sizes to suit any purpose
  • Use ribbon or a custom label to enhance your presentation packaging
  • This product is made in the USA
  • Please contact customer service for assistance (1-888-288-2247 or