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Is It Bathtime Yet?



Is it Bath Time Yet?


Daria is the mom behind "Is it Bath Time Yet?" She started making bath goodies for her son who had sensitive skin and developed eczema. She wanted to know exactly what she was bathing her child with. Daria started with the oatmeal coconut milk bath which was so successful she quickly went on to develop her own line of soaps. Not wanting to exclude the Mommas, she has developed a line of bath salts and bath bombs that smell gorgeous.

Daria says it has been a truly rewarding feeling to see not only her son, but other babes and mommas (and papas too!) enjoy and benefit from using her products.

Is it Bath Time Yet? uses our paper shopping bags, clear cello bags with a gusset for bath bombs, kraft zipper pouches for the milk baths and various boxes for gift giving purposes.

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