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Our bakery & food packaging options are endless! We've got bakery boxes, cake boards, charcuterie boxes, takeout containers, and deli bowls to name just a few. Whether you're a small bakery, homebased charcuterie company or casual cookie maker, we've got the bakery & food packaging you need. 

Remember, we can add custom branding to your bakery & food packaging. Your company logo or special event message will look great on custom printed ribbon, labels, boxes and bags. Talk to us about it! Reach us at or 1-604-575-1117.  


Quick View Coffee Bag - Natural Kraft

Coffee Bag - Natural Kraft

$38.00 - $629.00
Coffee bags are not only for packaging coffee or tea. They're perfect for dry food mixes, cookies, and nuts. They can be used as party or event favours or farmer's market products. Natural kraft coffee bags are polypropylene lined which makes them grease...
Quick View Dry Wax Paper Sandwich Bags

Dry Wax Paper Sandwich Bags

$4.95 - $52.00
Dry wax bags are the perfect choice for wrapping sandwiches, baked goods, cookies, and other food items. These bags feature a moisture resistant dry wax coating that prevents leaks and seep through, keeping your hands clean. Dry wax bags have a pinch...
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Quick View Bakery Box Liners

Bakery Box Liners

$6.95 - $184.00
Bakery box liners are great for lining bakery boxes, food boxes and charcuterie boxes or boards. Since they're grease resistant, they help to prevent anything seeping through boxes, keeping them looking clean. These 12" x 12" sheets can also be used to...
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