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Our bakery & food packaging options are endless! We've got bakery boxes, cake boards, charcuterie boxes, takeout containers, and deli bowls to name just a few. Whether you're a small bakery, homebased charcuterie company or casual cookie maker, we've got the bakery & food packaging you need. 

Remember, we can add custom branding to your bakery & food packaging. Your company logo or special event message will look great on custom printed ribbon, labels, boxes and bags. Talk to us about it! Reach us at or 1-604-575-1117.  


Quick View Take Out Food Containers

Take Out Food Containers

$0.00 - $39.00
Take out food containers are ideal for your hot or cold food items. The double poly-coated paperboard makes these containers durable, moisture resistant and microwavable. These take out food containers are also 100% recyclable making them a good eco...
Quick View Portion Cups

Portion Cups

$4.95 - $34.00
Portion cups are an ideal container for sauces, dips and dressings. The frosted 2oz cups are recyclable and come with clear snap on lids. Be sure to include these in your charcuterie boxes.   Made in USA  Please contact customer service for assistance...
Quick View Wooden Cutlery

Wooden Cutlery

$1.50 - $15.95
Wooden cutlery is an eco friendly alternative to plastic! You can add these in picnics to go and gift baskets or for your next special event. Made of bamboo, these forks, knives and spoons are 100% biodegadable and comostable.  Imported Please contact...
Quick View Paper Deli Bowls with Lids - Natural Kraft

Paper Deli Bowls with Lids - Natural Kraft

$1.75 - $81.00
Paper deli bowls with lids make a stylish, environmentally friendly food packaging option! These bowls are recyclable and compostable. Deli bowls are made from high quality kraft paper with a moisture barrier coating inside making it ideal for hot and...
Quick View Cake Boards - White Plastic

Cake Boards - White Plastic

$1.75 - $96.00
These cake boards are a must for all of your cake creations! Our 4mm thick, sturdy, twin wall, plastic cake boards are essential for transporting and displaying your cakes. With 6 sizes to choose from you can make any cake look professional. Cake boards...
Quick View Tulip Baking Liners - Brown

Tulip Baking Liners - Brown

$4.95 - $25.00
Use tulip baking liners for your next batch of baked goodies! Their fluted shape fits standard size cupcake or muffin pans. Base measurement is 2” in diameter with a side wall height of  2 3/4" - 3 3/4" (side wall height measurement is taken from the...
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Quick View Baking Liners/Candy Cups

Baking Liners/Candy Cups

$2.95 - $22.00
Baking liners and candy cups are the ideal way to enhance the look of your baking or other food items.  They're available in mini cupcake or standard cupcake sizes. You can also use these baking liners for candies, nuts or other small treats inside your...
Quick View Bakery Boxes - with Window

Bakery Boxes - with Window

$2.50 - $382.00
These bakery boxes with windows are the the perfect way to show off what's inside! There are different sizes perfectly suited for assorted bakery and gourmet food items. Bakery boxes with windows are THE BEST box for your charcuterie masterpieces! You...
Quick View Bakery Boxes  - without Window

Bakery Boxes - without Window

$0.65 - $246.00
Our bakery boxes without windows are recyclable and made from recycled paper board, making them environmentally friendlly. The white bakery boxes are a white clay coat on the outside and grey inside, while the natural kraft ones are all kraft. Choose...
Quick View Paper Grocery Bags

Paper Grocery Bags

$0.00 - $152.00
Paper grocery bags are not only economical and versatile, they have a flat bottom and side pleat that makes them ideal for packaging bulky products. Environmentally friendly grocery bags are made from a portion of recycled material and are 100%...
Quick View T-Shirt Shopping Bags  - White Plastic

T-Shirt Shopping Bags - White Plastic

$12.00 - $100.00
Our t-shirt bags are made of high density poly, making them strong and economical. These white bags have large handles with gusseted sides which expand the bag making them ideal for carrying large and bulky items.  Available in 4 sizes Imported Please...
Quick View Paper Notion Bags

Paper Notion Bags

$3.95 - $148.00
Paper notion bags are environmentally friendly, economical and versatile. These natural kraft and white bags are flat, with the exception of the single bottle size, making them ideal for packaging flat products such as stationary, cookies and clothing...
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